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Regular Oil Changes:
Are They Necessary?

Most Car Owners recognize the Importance of Regular Oil Changes however they do not all realize the type of Oil Change Service provided & the person providing the service makes a huge difference in the life of their vehicle.

Buny’s N’ Bugs Believes in Using the Factory Approved Lubrication For All Volkswagens. For All Oil Changes,We use the proper products that are factory recommended for your automobile. Some customers prefer to use other brands for their car which we can accomadate with prior arrangements before their appointment. Castrol is the factory brand used from the dealer.

Regular Oil Changes help to prevent future internal engine problems or failure. Using the factory Recommended Oil that was designed and produced for your model will help to ensure you are providing the best car for your vehicle. Just as using the proper brand of filter will make a huge difference in the quality of your oil change. Buny’s N’ Bugs uses “Bosch”, ” Mann” or “Henst” depending on the factory recommended filter for your car. All filters are OEM, german products.

We recommend regular servicing as per the factory recommended service intervals from the Volkswagen factory. Depending on the use of the vehicle and your driving habits, most service intervals are every 8,000 kms or six months (6) which ever comes first.


Why do "Quick Lube" style facilities recommend oil changes every 3,000-5,000 kms?

Many oil change facilites have changed their oil change schedules as the economy changed and they found that the consumer was putting off their oil changes longer then the factory recommendations. They lowered their tables to encourage the consumer to visit more often and then making them more profits. There are a few vehicles that do require a shorter oil change interval and that is always followed by Buny’s N’ Bugs. The simpliest way to keep your engine running smoothly is through regular oil changes and service intervals.

What is the difference from a "Quick Lube" style oil change and a Buny's N' Bugs Oil Change?

Most oil change facilities are run and operated by employees that have little or no mechanical experience or tickets. Buny’s N’ Bugs Technicians are all Red Seal Government Certified Technicians or Governement Approved Automotive Apprentices. Buny’s N’ Bugs provides a complimentary Oil Change Inspection with Every Oil Change provided by a Fully Certified Technician. The inspection will allow the consumer to be aware of items on their vehicle that may require attention or items to budget for in the future. Having the same Technicians inspect your vehicle every time will also enable them to keep you up dated on the condition of your vehicle and watch for potential hazards.

How Much Does Buny's N' Bugs charge for an Oil change?

The costs vary depending on the vehicle and type of service required for the mileage of the vehicle. An average oil change for a pre 1999 Volkswagen starts at $45.00 plus tax & filter. The 1999- current models start at $75.00 plus filter and go up depending on the service required which includes the factory recommended Castrol VW Blend Full Synthetic Engine Oil.

Do I have to make an appointment for an oil change?

Yes, appointments are recommended. We prefer to perform oil changes first thing in the day however they are available through out our regular service days.

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